Teenager gets £18k dental negligence compensation

18-year-old Kimberley Wilson took legal action against Dr Syed Ahad after claiming that his misdiagnosis of a tooth infection resulted in her requiring hospital treatment.


Crush accident at work caused leg injuries

Nikoloz Demetrashvili required hospital treatment for three weeks because his leg was crushed by a poorly-guarded machine at Michelmersh Brick and Tile Company.


Roofer may claim compensation for broken bones

A self-employed roofer suffered a fractured pelvis, a shattered heel and a broken thumb when he fell a distance of more than eight metres while working on a project to build a new…


Bank cashier gets £18k back injury compensation

Mary Deller was hurt after being asked to lift bags of coins weighing around 21 lbs each during a shift at the Cheriton branch of NatWest in Kent in September 2010.


Girl seeks compensation for eye injury at school

Lisha Lu is taking legal action against Croydon's Royal Russell School following an eye injury accident during a PE lesson last September, the Croydon Guardian reports.