Three injured in car accident on A68 in Scotland

The trio were taken to the Borders General Hospital with injuries following the incident near a roundabout on the A68 between Melrose and Newton St Boswells, STV reports.


Man lost four fingers in accident at work

The fingers on his left hand were crushed in machinery as they became caught in the unguarded cutting tools of a power press.


Work accident in factory caused hand injury

The unnamed man lost part of his finger when attempting to remove debris from the chains of a rotating table at an Ellesmere Port factory that makes large steel containers.


Warehouse workers may claim compensation

Three men were carrying out tasks on the roof of a facility in Birkenhead, but the 16-metre drop meant they could have died had they fallen from the sloping surface.


Residents may claim for carbon monoxide poisoning

Trading as Team Electric, Kevin Cook installed a gas fire at the premises even though he had no prior experience of such work and was not registered to complete the task.