Work accident leads to finger amputation

The man had to have part of his index finger amputated after his left hand became caught in the moving parts of a machine at work in Farnworth, Greater Manchester.


Staff subjected to appalling working conditions

An investigation conducted by the Health & Safety Executive found the premises of Keighley-based firm Keylighting in an "appalling" state, with employees being exposed to defe…


Widow claims compensation for Mesothelioma

Jean Christie-Davies is taking legal action against Hadley Transport on the basis that her husband was exposed to Asbestos on a daily basis throughout his career with the company.…


Fall accident at work caused hand & head injury

The injured worker needed stitches his hand after he fell through a mezzanine floor at premises owned by car parts manufacturer Auto-Plas in Essex last May.


Pensioner may sue Council after footpath fall injury

A 73-year-old lady spent two weeks in hospital after a fall on a footpath in London, and has criticised Croydon Council for allowing the surface to fall into a state of disrepair.…