Fall accident at work caused hand & head injury

The injured worker needed stitches his hand after he fell through a mezzanine floor at premises owned by car parts manufacturer Auto-Plas in Essex last May.


Pensioner may sue Council after footpath fall injury

A 73-year-old lady spent two weeks in hospital after a fall on a footpath in London, and has criticised Croydon Council for allowing the surface to fall into a state of disrepair.…


£45,000 Compensation paid for work accident injury

Jack Coupland needed part of a finger on his right hand amputating and also cut three other fingers to the bone when they got dragged into a wood chopper.


Council scraps road traffic accident initiative

Milton Keynes Council decided to switch more than 3,000 street lights off at night in order to cut back its electricity usage, but it has now decided to pull a u-turn on the schem…


Stress at work 'on the up across the UK'

That is if the findings of new research published today (July 17th) by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Simplyhealth are anything to go by, as these have shown that a …