Council pays £700,000 Asbestos compensation

According to figures published by the Sheffield Star, the local authority paid out over £700,000 in compensation for Asbestos to former employees after being exposed to Asbestos a…


£18k compensation paid for car accident injuries

Fiona Dickie claimed compensation on the basis that she now feels pain when wearing high heels after her car was hit by another car attempting to undertake her in Edinburgh.


Work accident leads to finger amputation

The man had to have part of his index finger amputated after his left hand became caught in the moving parts of a machine at work in Farnworth, Greater Manchester.


Staff subjected to appalling working conditions

An investigation conducted by the Health & Safety Executive found the premises of Keighley-based firm Keylighting in an "appalling" state, with employees being exposed to defe…


Widow claims compensation for Mesothelioma

Jean Christie-Davies is taking legal action against Hadley Transport on the basis that her husband was exposed to Asbestos on a daily basis throughout his career with the company.…