Work accident caused severe burn injuries

Keith Buckley required numerous skin grafts after suffered severe burns to his right leg and hand when he fell into a furnace at premises owned by Meridian Lightweight Technologie…


Personal injury compensation amounts increase by 10%

In a decision handed down at the Court of Appeal today, Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge confirmed that personal injury compensation amounts paid will rise by ten per cent as of Apri…


Cruise ship accident claim awaits Court decision

Anne Hunt is among 17 passengers who were injured on board the cruise ship MV Athena when it was hit by two hurricanes during a cruise off North America.


Labourers to seek damages after asbestos exposure?

Andrew Weir Shipping and All Leisure Holidays had arranged for the Hebridean Princess ship to be refurbished in order to reduce the amount of combustible material on it after the …


Elderly man pleads for help in Asbestos claim

John Mason was informed he had the fatal asbestos-related illness in February and has decided to take legal action in an attempt to secure damages prior to his death.