Roofer to seek compensation for broken bones?

Stephen Cartwright sustained fractures in his right leg as well as a dislocated knee when he fell a distance of around three metres from scaffolding while working on a residential…


Men to launch compensation claim after explosion?

The unnamed men were hurt in a flash fire when vapours from a flammable cleaning fluid ignited in a print room at premises owned by Delta Display in Walthamstow in May last year.


Report: Stress causing more long-term absences

That is if the findings of new research conducted by manufacturers' organisation EEF are anything to go by, as this has found that almost 40 per cent of firms have experienced a r…


Cleaner awarded £12k compensation

According to the Mansfield Chad, Arkadiusz Chmiel took legal action against Timbet Door Solutions on the basis that he sustained a serious knee when he slipped at a facto…


Severed finger may lead to damages

During this incident at premises owned by Stoke-on-Trent-based firm Scott Timber in January last year, an anonymous 42-year-old professional severed his finger while operating a c…