Dental patient awarded £8k for negligence

According to the Blackpool Gazette, Shelley Farrell has received £8,000 in an out-of-court damages settlement after she took legal action against Dr Tom Kerr after he conducted wo…


Foot injury to lead to compensation claim?

Daniel Brown was hurt while working at premises owned by Countrystyle Recycling - a firm established in 1996 - in Folkestone in February 2010 when a tyre of a shovelling machine w…


Staircase fall might result in compensation claim

Michael Hall tumbled down a staircase that was devoid of a handrail after workman Robin Atherton, trading as Mack Construction, failed to replace it following a refurbishment job.…


Dogs 'can help relieve stress at work'

According to a study published by experts at the Virginia Commonwealth University, the job satisfaction of professionals can be enhanced if pets are present in a workplace.