Govt establishes new health and safety panel

It was announced yesterday (April 11th) that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is to manage the new Myth Busters Challenge Panel (MBCP), which has been designed by the coaliti…


Builder may seek compensation for broken pelvis

Frederick Stuart fractured his pelvis in two places and suffered a cut that went around halfway through his thigh muscle when he fell a distance of nearly 2.5 metres while working…


Council hoping to cut road traffic accidents

According to the Bolton News, the local authority - which is led by councillor Cliff Morris - has begun work to make the junction of Derby Street, Fletcher Street and University W…


Leg amputation to lead to damages claim?

Robert Deverell was seriously injured when a forklift truck reversed over his right leg while he was at premises owned by Cargo Services in Cardiff in June 2010.


Education reforms 'could increase teacher stress levels'

Under proposals unveiled by Nottingham City Council recently, the school year would be changed into a five-term period, meaning the annual break enjoyed by students and teachers i…