Arm loss to lead to compensation claim?

The unnamed 25-year-old was cutting back bushes in Spennymore for Durham County Council in August 2009 when his limb got dragged into a wood chipping machine and got cut off at th…


NHS staff 'claim £20m damages annually'

According to the Daily Mail, the medical professional fell over on a piece of potato on their ward and was subsequently granted some £3,980 in from the Wright…


Cycling accident leads to £4k damages sum

According to the Slough & South Bucks Observer, James Tarrant was thrown from his vehicle after he hit a pothole on a road in Iver in October 2008.


Broken ribs and arm to lead to damages claim?

The unnamed 27-year-old suffered fractures to his ribs and arm while being trained to use a re-winding machine at premises owned by DS Smith Packaging - a firm with 10,500 employe…


Tesco ordered to award pensioner £44k damages

Angela Pownell was severely injured when a pallet truck moving boxed televisions around a branch of Tesco scraped her legs in August 2009, which left deep wounds in her shins, the…