Finger loss to lead to compensation pursuit?

Karen Schoelzel's entire index digit and most the middle finger on her left hand were amputated as she operated machinery in premises owned by Arrow Flexible Packaging in Golb…


Industrial disease claims to be launched?

Workers operating for building contractor J C Irvine came into contact with potentially-lethal fibres of the material between April 27th 2010 and May 12th of the same year while c…


Slip & fall accident on holiday caused severe head injuries

The holidaymaker fell over while walking his dog near the South Pier in Blackpool and was left unconscious with fractures to his skull and eye socket after landing head first on s…


Managers 'need to be proactive to tackle stress'

According to John Telfer, managing director of Inspiring Business Performance (IBP), mental anxiety in professional environments across all sectors in the UK has never been more p…


Good news for motorists, bad news for cyclists in road casualty figures

Reduction in overall number of road traffic casualties hailed as ‘fantastic news’ but concern voiced at increase in cycling fatalities