The UK Ambulance Service: a state of emergency?

London’s Ambulance Service has just been criticised for sending too many vehicles to some call-outs; is this ‘unnecessary’ response typical of services around the UK?


Compensation claims made by parents for broken bones

According to the Daily Mail, a branch measuring 70 feet fell from a tree onto a group of school children during a visit to Fellbrigg Hall in Norfolk in the summer of 2007 - an inc…


Older people 'can minimise instances of slipping and tripping at home'

That is according to Jo Bullock of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), who has urged family and friends to help their older loved ones to identify where the…


Hearing problems result in £8k settlement

According to the Manchester Evening News, Graham Wild worked as a bin man for some 30 years near his home in the Greater Manchester area of Middleton but was never provided with p…


Accident in a public place may result in compensation

The unnamed seven-year-old was trapped underwater for more than two minutes at the Waterside Swimming Pool on Canvey Island when her hair was sucked into the water sampling outlet…