Road traffic accident may lead to whiplash claims

Five vehicles were involved in a collision on the Weymouth Relief Road in Dorset last Friday afternoon, with six people requiring treatment for whiplash-related injuries - which c…


Companies urged to be selective on health and safety advisers

That is according to Roger Bibbings, occupational safety adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), who has said that managers looking to reduce inciden…


Health and safety 'boosts business productivity'

According to the British Safety Council (BSC), adhering to the rules helps rather than hinders a company's bottom line.


BCC welcomes government health and safety proposals

Under plans unveiled yesterday by employment minister Chris Grayling, inspections of companies - which are designed to reduce accidents at work - will from now on be focused on fi…


Farm worker may seek compensation after accident at work

The unnamed 51-year-old man sustained a severe injury to his arm which saw the muscle being torn away from the limb when he got it trapped in a hop press while operating at a depo…