Accident at work to lead to compensation?

The unnamed 47-year-old got his hand caught in a piece of machinery at premises owned by Dugdale Nutrition in Clitheroe, Lancashire, in June 2009 as he attempted to clear a blocka…


Pupil awarded £6k after accident at school

That is according to figures giving details of damages payments in the education system in the north-east of England, which have revealed that more than £200,000 has been ha…


Man lost four fingers in accident at work

Shaun Alexander lost four of the fingers on his right hand, as well as sustaining serious damage to his thumb and palm in a work accident in Flixton in December 2009.


Employees to seek damages for exposure to fumes?

It has emerged that workers at Variable Message Signs in South Tyneside came into regular contact with vapours while using rosin-based solder flux, which is known to be a large fa…


CIPD warns managers ignoring stress at work

According to a study conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's (CIPD) quarterly Employee Outlook survey, professionals are more likely to be on the l…