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Table Tennis Crush Injury

Injury at work for Stalybridge man who had his legs crushed by a stack of concrete table tennis tables in Bendcrete Leisure Ltd in Greater Manchester.


Bomb Explosion at University Severely Injures Employee

A member of staff at Cranfield University was severely injured after an explosive device went off whilst being dismantled.


3 Facts About Whiplash Compensation Claims

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with road traffic accidents but it’s also commonly misunderstood. We provide some facts about whiplash injuries – and the cla…


£750,000 Fine for Manufacturing Company to Blame for Fatal Accident

Hanson Packed Products Ltd was fined £750,000 by the Health and Safety Executive following the death of William Ridge due to a lack of guarding on dangerous machinery.


Finger Falls Off in Pie Machine

Working with machinery with fast moving sharp parts can be dangerous. An unfortunate worker from Nectar Patisserie Limited in Tottenham found this out the hard way.

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